Systematic Proteomics and Bioanalytics

Prof. Dr. rer. nat. Andreas Tholey


A proteome is the population of all proteins present in a cell to a defined time point and under defined conditions. In contrast to the static genomic information, the proteome is highly dynamic as proteins are constantly synthesized or degraded and not all proteins are expressed at every time. Further on, protein structures can be modified by (ir)reversible posttranslational modifications. Proteome composition and interactions between the proteins are fine regulated, enabling the cell to react very efficiently on biological and environmental factors. This fine regulation can be disturbed - either as the result or the reason for diseases. Therefore, a detailed knowledge of the proteome composition is a key for a deeper understanding of molecular reasons of many diseases.

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The research of the AG Systematic Proteome Research & Bioanalytics, established in Dec. 2008, is focused on:

(a) methodological and technological developments in the field of instrumental (bio)analytics, with a main focus on the coupling of ESI- and MALDI mass spectrometry with multidimensional chromatography and the development and validation of novel analytical strategies for the analytics of peptides, proteins, peptidomes, proteomes, posttranslational modifications (e.g. phosphorylation, proteolytic processing, disulfide formation, and many others) and for other classes of biomolecules (e.g. metabolites).

(b) the application of these analytical approaches on biological, biotechnological and biomedical problems, e.g. the investigation of molecular events involved in inflammatory processes, in the frame of co-operations within the Cluster of Excellence “Inflammation@Interfaces”. Major topics are host-microbiota interactions and antimicrobial peptides, but also recent applications as paleoproteomics.

We are a young and international team - join us! We are constantly looking for PostDocs and PhD students working in the field of biologically oriented mass spectrometry and protein analytics! - please contact Prof. A. Tholey!

For young researchers (e.g. from chemistry, biochemistry, biotechnology, biology), we offer Bachelor- and Master-projects, as well as research practicals! The group head is not only embedded in Medical Faculty but also official  member of the Mathematical-Scientific Faculty (MNF) of Kiel University!  - please contact Prof. A. Tholey.

OPEN POSITIONS: PostDocs/PhD-students (MS-based proteomics and protein analytics) - please contact Prof. A. Tholey!


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